Coda is a short rhythm game which was initially created as part of a 24h game jam. The version you can find here has been updated with various tweaks and fixes, but remains largely the same as the original one.


» Download for Android

The Android version has been optimized for devices with Android 4.1 and a screen resolution of at least 512x850; it should run on other devices as well, but has not been tested properly.

» Download for Windows

» Download for Linux

Want to contact the developer?

Thanks to amazing advances in science, now you can! You need but send an ee-mail to: someone_else at



Modified versions of various images found in a rush through google image search. Can't even find them again, let alone credit the authors.


intro: Bonus Track by Boris (from the album 'Smile')
easy/med: Bolero by Maurice Ravel
hard: Joglar by Stille Volk (from the album 'Nueit de Sabbat')

All music and visuals were used without permission. If you would like to sue me, please reconsider! I'm not a bad person, I just got led astray...